Lead Generation

Our Account Managers find the New Leads for your business from distinctive occupation date base or from organizations' sites. The organizations who lost their jobs on distinctive occupation data bases and/or on their sites we seek diverse sort of employments with the subtle element of opportunity and the contact points of interest of the individual who is procuring for the particular opening. By help of this administration you'll have the capacity to get the new leads where you can get the new business by reaching the important individual for the particular occupation posted at job board and/or on site of the organization. On occasion when you don't have enough opportunities to take a shot at, this administration helps you to produce new business in a snappier manner.


Resume Sourcing

We give complete Resume sourcing and screening result. This incorporates CV sourcing from online Job boards mining in-house databases, web search tools, and from online groups and gatherings. We are masters in utilizing Boolean Operators for enhanced resume database query items. 24×7 looking of employment boards, ATS's databases and other Web bunches & groups to build rate and hopeful yield. We recognize "dynamic competitors" from working date base and your inside applicant database and outfit you with their accreditation. Our Account Managers are masters in building custom hunt strings focused around your particular and bland employment necessities utilizing progressed Boolean looking system.


Our team will distinguish, reach and behavior prescreening of applicants before conveying them to your enrollment specialists. Our Account Managers contact potential hopefuls via email and/ or phone call. Utilizations altered scripts with particular screening survey.

We will work with your association to:

  • Develop an arrangement of candidate screening inquiries
  • Administer any tests your customer requires in the recruitment process
  • Contact your applicants by email/ phone to focus their suitability
  • Send you just CV of screened aspirants